Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

The Wacky Run Barcelona 5k Night edition

Wacky Run PB:running

NEXT RACE on 9/07/2022! (first box starting at 20:30)

Registration will close on 5/07/2022 at 17:59.

This is not a race like the others, in the Wacky Run each runner will compete against his own best time.

The first one to cross the finish line wins!

Being too hot to run in the morning, this time we will run at night and the route will be of only 5k.

After that, let’s have a beer!


The activity is free, but you can collaborate through a donation at the moment you get your bib. Thanks to these donations, you’ll be supporting both the PB:running group and the Wacky organization (meetup group expenses, fruits, cups, organization costs,…).

We really encourage you to do so, it is a lot of work to setup everything and this time I (David) am flying from Denmark to make it possible. Being now a tradition, it would be really sad to have to shut it down.


To participate, you must:

  • Register yourself on the web (here below) by entering your information: name, a phone number, and email address and your personal best on 10k (or your personal goal if you don’t have any) and fill the par-q below. CHECK THE BOX WITH THE AGREEMENT!
  • If you can, provide your best xipgroc time or that of the Strava application.
  • As soon as your registration is completed, you will be assigned a starting box. Twenty minutes before the start of the race bibs will be distributed for each box.
Your Strava/Endomondo/Xipgroc account (if any) to validate your PB
Your PB for a 10k race in the last year or your personal goal
You agree to our Terms and conditions

Very Important: this is NOT an official event!


  • There will be no insurance, medical and / or ambulance services: each runner is responsible for himself.
    The Hospital del Mar is very near, but you never know 😉 so you better be sure that you are physically fit and that you are capable to run 10km.
  • The road is not cut off to traffic: you have to respect the traffic laws, your own safety and that of third parties, especially in the last part as there will be a great concentration of runners in the last section before the finish line. So be very careful with pedestrians and other runners. This run takes place on a Saturday where the beach front is used by many many users.


You must be 18 years or older to participate!

Covid-19 and safety

Due to the nature of this race, you don’t start as a mass group. 3-8 runners will be set off every 3 minutes. At the start / finish area we will mark of 6 areas for you to leave your belongings, with each area having no more than 6 participants.

You leave any belongings at the start area at your own risk.
We ask runners to refrain from congratulatory hugs and kisses and to maintain distance with other competitors at the finish area.

Before you attend this race, you MUST fill out this par-q. If you have already filled it out from attending PB:Running classes then there is no need to do it again.

The route

The route is about 5k. Not official.

The start and the finish point are espigo of the W Hotel in the Barceloneta.

The route is quite straightforward: 2,5K along the beach of Barceloneta and then back.The turning point is just a little bit over the Hospital del Mar, where volunteers will photograph you, so we know everyone turned round at the correct point and so that you get a nice photo of you during the race, don’t forget to smile!


Unless it rains, no showers are expected.

Water Stops:

There are several fountains along the route, but (at least for now) no water stops are available. At the end we will distribute water and fruit.

What should I bring?

It would be advised to bring along a water bottle, which can be left at the start. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Clothing layers can be left at the start finish line at your own risk, however volunteers will be in the area and its not a renowned area for thefts.

The Starting Boxes:

Other races have colors, we have totem animals! (because we have just a black and white print…ehmm, because we are cooler!)

Let’s see in which box you belong: which is your 10k best time in the last 6 months?

-Grumpy Snails: over 58 minutes

caracoles gruñones wacky race

This is your chance! You can really win this. Leaving a drool trail, but you can!

-Old Turtles: 57-55 minutes

Tortugas Viejas

Achille got what he deserved. Now it’s the turn of the other runners. Never subestimate an old turtle…

-Sleepy Sloths: 54-52 minutes

Perezosos Adormilados

Today is day! You managed to wake up, so that’s already something. Let’s do it!

-Fat bears: 51-49 minutes

Osos Gordos

You are not fat. You are just strong. Go get show them!

-Drunken Boars: 48-46 minutes

Javali borracho

If you’d start drinking Gatorade instead of beer maybe you could win. Beer? Who said beer?

-Punky Porcupines: 45-43


Great is the power of the Trail Side!

-Vile Coyotes: 42-40

Winning is not important, but you MUST catch those annoying roadrunners. Everything else is secondary.

-Annoying Roadrunners: 39-37

Oh, so you are fit and fast and blah blah, well you know what? I hope you lose. ( No, that’s not envy, what makes you think that?)

-Aliens: 36 or less

Less than 36? What are you doing here? You belong to another world, to anothere Universe completely!

-Unknown Species: unknown time

No Xipgroc time? No Strava/Endomondo/Runkeeper account? Don’t worry, you can declare a time and start in the corresponding box. You cannot win any prize though. We will take your time and in the next race we’ll put you in the box you belong to.

Date and time:

Each box will start few minutes before the next one, Grumpy Snails being the first:

Saturday 09/07/2022.

-Grumpy snails will start at 20:30