Jue. Jun 8th, 2023

John Burns

Hi, my name is John and I provide dedicated coaching, guidance and training support to runners of all levels from absolute beginners to those seeking to improve their performance through our bespoke training sessions.

Sessions are operated on a flexible basis out of all the usual running hotspots in Barcelona – whether it’s the beachfront, Montjuic or the hills of Tibidado – depending on your location and the type of session. Just tell me where in Barcelona you are based and we can arrange a convenient location.

Depending on your needs, the sessions will cover:

  • Improving the technical aspects of running form so you can run with greater efficiency and (more importantly) less effort;
  • Boosting running cadence (step rate per minute), improving strike position, and developing deep and rhythmic breathing;
  • Specific exercises and training drills to improve strength, speed and endurance including hill training and speedwork;
  • Techniques to stay focused, motivated and energised;
  • Training partner support for specific races and distances to help you reach your running goals – whatever they are;
  • Safe warm-up and warm-down techniques to help you avoid injuries, aches and strains, and post-run stretching exercises to help minimise stiffness and speed up your recovery times.

Typical sessions last an hour and are charged at €20 per hour. Alternatively, you can book a block of six sessions in advance for €100.

Want to train with a friend? A session for 2 people is charged at €30 per hour (€15 per person).

Want to arrange a session or find out more information?


INFO@RUNBARCA.COM +44 781 4565 847